miércoles, 27 de abril de 2016

Peru-Brasil; Coast-to-coast railway under feasibility studies

A proposed transcontinental railway project in South America has aroused interest for investment and participation in a regional integration meeting held in western Brazil.
The rail would begin from coastal cities of Peru and end on Brazil's coast, extending about 5,000 kilometers. It will greatly facilitate the transportation of agricultural produce and mineral products of both countries. It could cut by at least 20 days the time it takes to get Brazilian beans to as far as China.

Brazil is the world's second largest bean producer and exports some 70 percent of its beans to China. But up till now Brazil has relied on such round-abouts as the Panama Canal or the Cape Town of Africa to get its beans to China. The project is now going through feasibility studies, and Brazilian business people are looking forward to the project.
"Campaign groups from Brazil and Peru have already given feedback to us and we will modify mid-term reports according to their opinions," said Hou Honglin, General Manager, Brazil Division, China Railway.

"And then, we will send experts to Peru and Brazil to communicate with them face-to-face. After the bidding process, we will work on a final report."
"The transportation cost is very high. Once a railway from Brazil to seaport of Peru is built, it will connect the Atlantic ocean with the Pacific ocean, thus the cost of transportation will reduce greatly," said Cid Ricardo, District Coordinator, Bom Futuro.


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